AOC and its new monitor

AOC Monitor is the latest – at least on paper – all qualities that should characterize the perfect screen for the player. The IPS matrix, 165Hz G-Sync upgrade module and well-developed ergonomics make Agon AG271QG – promises to be great. But how to monitor the exercises on your desk? We will see.

The name of the monitor indicates that it was created for professional players (Agon meant meant in ancient Greece rivalry in sports or literary waters). Therefore, we try to put in it all the technological innovations that should have gamingowy monitor. Fortunately revolution, however, does not include design. This is classically simple – the rate of “claws” (fortunately stable) and a thin black frame. The device is very sturdy – the foot is bolted to the screen with four screws. You can also freely adjust the tilt angles or height of the monitor. In terms of ergonomics there is nothing to find fault with.

When it comes to ports then we have HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2 and four USB 3.0 ports (including a quick charge). The monitor does not have built-in for the internal power supply. On the right edge of the retractable hanger mounted on the device, which is the weakest element of the monitor – do not hang heavy headphones because the plastic bow soon folds.

Monitor with a ’14 1440p diagonal resolution and is recognized by Windows 10 with no problems – the system immediately set the 1440p resolution and changed the screen refresh frequency of 165 Hz. It took only manually changing module drivers NVIDIA G-Sync ..

As he while working on his desktop advantages this monitor does not reveal the time to run the games. First, “Far Cry Primal.” The picture quality is fantastic – great colors (with the factory settings, the display covers 100 percent sRGB pallets.) Without ghosts, even as the backlight and so on. “IPS brightness”, which fortunately did not bother. Liquidity is sensational image – absolutely no stutter image, regardless of the number of frames per second. With more advanced games such as “guard dogs 2”, which in my 1440p 980 Ti Stations a stroke, it is useful G-Sync module that relieves screen breakdown at low frame rates even at 40-50 FPS Play is fairly fluid.

AG271QG AOC is one of the best monitors for gamers, you can imagine. It has a large IPS panel, high refresh rate and resolution. You have to remember though, that in order to fully utilize the features of this monitor, you need a fairly powerful computer. For this, the device you need to pay a lot – the price is about 3200. It should be remembered that the AOC product and 300 less cheaper than the monitors competing with IPS PLN. However, it is much more expensive than the G-SYNC and 1440p screens, but based on an TN matrix, so worse. So if you build “monster game”, this model should be on the avant-garde shopping list.

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