Arrested the Russian hacker who created a virus in which he steals data from banks

Computer virus.

Russian programmer, sought an international arrest warrant on suspicion that he created and used the virus to steal bank account data, was detained at Barcelona airport – Spanish police announced.

32-year-old Stanislaw Lisow, suspected of running the organization admit to fraud, was arrested January 13 in cooperation with the American FBI while waiting at the airport for the flight to another European country – said in a statement. At first fox was a few days under observation services from Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. It will be held there until the Superior Catalan Court of Justice has not taken a decision on his extradition to the United States – said a police spokesman.

The man was wanted by the United States international arrest warrant. As of 2015 the US secret services conducted an investigation against him in the creation and use of “NeverQuest” – malware that spread through social media, emails and data transfers, and led to numbering losses in the millions Of dollars.

In the course of the server-controlled Lisowa investigation in France and Germany, they discovered database stolen database, including the amount of bank deposits. One of the servers that contain millions of data to allow access to accounts, including usernames, passwords, and additional verification questions.

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