Battlefield 1 – World War I on computers.

Game developers so far avoided the subject of World War I. DICE and EA, however, decided to enter the “no man’s land” and launched an attack on our computers and consoles. Get to know “Battlefield 1” – a sensational shooting multiplayer deposited on many World War I fronts.

“Battlefield 1” allows us to get to know almost every front of World War I – from the trenches of France, through Italy, the Balkans to the Suez Canal – unfortunately the Eastern Front will have to wait until next year’s liberation additives. All cast-great locations – on the western front, fighting in the ruins of Amiens, in the muddy trenches of France, or in dense forests. In turn, the Egyptian desert city awaits us, or the old fortress. The maps are also designed so that players have so much freedom and they can choose the best way to attack.

Players can choose a class of characters – doctor, stormtrooper, specialist, scout (sniper) and “prestige” class as the tank soldier. So during the game we accumulate experience points, through which qualify to the next level, which gives us access to new weapons purchased for special “links.”

Arm has been well mapped – from rifles, first machine guns, or weapons. For this we can use the “cutting weapons” – or simply threaten an opponent’s paddle or a club. For this we have explosives, grenades and gas. Yes, according to the realities of World War I, because we can use poison gas. If we get into a poisonous cloud life points will disappear quickly – the only solution is the establishment of a gas mask.
There are also vehicles – motorcycles with a trailer armed with machine guns, light tanks, famous British heavy tanks, airplanes and even horses – so that we can do the cavalry battle. So that the tanks can benefit some people at the same time – one of the players is a driver, others take the fire from the turrets.

In addition to different maps, we have to choose different modes – from operations in which the board is fighting up to 64 players through a straight deathmatch, where the team wins, designed to account for more points by killing enemies or “fighting for the flag” Where you earn points to master checkpoints. There are also innovative ideas such as a scenario where we have to find and release to the wild pigeons, which directs the artillery fire on the enemy.

Like BF1 in the game? It’s pure revelation, regardless of the character class, let’s play. It flees through the forest, or fighting in the narrow streets of destroyed Amiens, or fighting in a sandstorm in the desert. We feel like the real war – and perish as quickly as on the fronts of World War I. There is only one “but” – the biggest problem is the coordination of our team. When he fails, and the game opponent experienced players, the game becomes frustrating, because the loss is right. “BF1” is also a game mode for a single player, but the scenario is not enough, so those who enjoy the unique “single player” mode they will delight in this game.

The game is not devoid of the “dark side”. Firstly, in the game of World War I there are no Russians and the French. These are the Americans.

Yes, on the eastern front, and the French army will be added in the DLC, but the gods, who came with it, the key to the Western Front to remove the army from the basic version of the game? After the second flight model is based on Battlefroncie, and what works on xwingach and TIE machines does not work in World War I. There is no doubt of dragging actions, or maneuvering differences between the Sopwith Camel and Fokker.

Some gameplay elements also require them to sacrifice a lot of time to master their secrets. As the sniper rifles that were did not have electronic viewers, we ourselves learn to take an amendment to the enemy moving to give accurate shot – not just because the same guide a hash sight to the enemy and press the shutter – here we have the Behave like a purebred sniper. But when we gain experience with the “wz Gewehr. 98” in hand and map at the appropriate location will become a serial killer enemy.

As for the graphics quality, really great – 980 Ti enough to play at a resolution of 1440p and reach over 60 FPS. But do not play in DirectX12 mode. These libraries for the quality of the textures do not bring much, and slightly slow down the game. However, one should invest in a good sound card and headphones. If we hear where your opponent runs, our chances of survival grow.

In summary – BF1 is the best multiplayer shooter, which this year saw the light of day. Dice’s studio dealt well with the difficult task of translating World War I into computers and consoles. Yes, the game is not without failures, but they are not able to ruin our game fun.

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