Bluetooth 5 is near. What’s new?

There is no denying that wireless is the future. Although the cable connection for a long time remain in use, the ubiquitous progress directs us to ensure that since they were no longer needed. We can even infer the activities of Apple which introduces the trend of removing their devices from popular ports, such as from the latest iPhone minijack. In this case, the solution may be just a special adapter or wireless connectivity, Bluetooth or you just lived to see your new version. Although the interface is not undergoing a revolution, it made changes that are essential for trouble-free operation today. Let’s look at the numbers.

Devices compatible with Bluetooth 5 do not appear on the market within two months. Only then will we see how, in practice, it gives us a new pattern.

Bluetooth 5 against the previous version 4.2 seems much better. The new wireless interface is characterized by twice the bandwidth four times greater reach and up to eight times greater capacity messages. On paper it looks good, therefore. Also, it is worth mentioning that this pattern has a much better behavior surrounded by other signals, such as Wi-Fi or LTE. In simple terms, it means that Bluetooth 5 will simply be more stable and independent of the above actions. Network. Sorry, you have not changed anything in terms of energy efficiency, audio compression and delays. In improving these elements we will probably have to wait until 2018.

With the new version of the interface devices will benefit from the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), which is still gaining popularity – in your case the advantages of Bluetooth 5 may be necessary. This pattern can also be very useful, for example. Headphone jack without smartphones. The first devices compatible with the “top five” should appear on the market within two to six months. We hope that we will see them already at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona (February 27-March 2). So let’s see how, in practice, it gives us a new pattern.

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