Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gets new update

The first addition to the “Call of Duty: Infinite War” saw the light of day. The extension was designed for network shooter fans – for single-player mode nothing in it that we did not find.

The addition of “Sabotage” is now available on all hardware platforms what we find in it? Four maps, including one that is a cosmic representation of the famous “Afghan” of “Modern Warfare 2”. But that’s not all – there’s also new advice for fans of fighting the undead – this time in the co-op campaign to take place in the old forest field, converted into in the style of techno. Supplement will be available for free for players who bought seasonal pass – the rest will be able to buy it separately.

Regardless of amateur local competitions takes a professional league – Call of Duty World League. There were already two tournaments in Europe – in London and Paris, and before the players still Birmingham Open CWL (14-16 April) organized by Multiplay and CWL Sheffield Open (June 23-25) organized by EGL. You can earn them points needed to advance to the global CWL Pro League beginning April 20. In the world championship competitions, which will become a MLG Arena Object Arena in Columbus (Ohio), will have the participation of 16 teams from around the world.

The event will be divided into two phases, with an impressive set of prizes in each. Teams that do not qualify for the first round of the CWL World League Pro will be able to fight for promotion to the second CWL, round points Pro collects online at CWL GameBattles tables and tournaments, tournaments and LANs available in each region respectively.

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