Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Now in Space

This time, the “Call of Duty” moves away from the battlefield of the Earth and the fight against terrorists or private armies. Now we face space with the Martian separatists.

This year, “Call of Duty” departs from the realistic fight known from the series “Modern Warfare”. This time, we will fight on the surface of Venus, Mars and space. You play because Lieutenant Nick Reyes, who is promoted to a field commander from one of the last ground-based force ships, who must stop an army of separatist settlers from Mars.

Lieutenant, Captain and basically Reyes from the beginning is an idealist who believes that the commander’s goal is to bring all his troops out of the mission and sacrifice the lives of his subordinates or an error. Soon, however, another scenario of cosmic front make the captain sharply change his attitude. The only pity is that the Hollywood production model, praising the brave soldiers of the “good side”, does not say anything about these “bad guys.” We only know that they are fanatics turned conquered planets and moons into labor camps, and their leader is a vicious killer. Why, however, have they rebelled and why do they want to destroy the power of the earth? This game does not explain. We only know that we have to fight them.

In the text compared with the previous parts in “Infinite war” decide on the progress of the campaign – in addition to the main scenario, because we have a choice of secondary missions, either fight fighters in space, or capture a prototype Of a hostile ship. With these tasks are expanding ship arsenal and gaining new skills – like faster treatment. So before you perform campaign missions, you’d better finish all the side quests that make the game much easier.

The game has changed a bit. This time we can use space and space vacuum – enough to break the observation panels to a sudden pressure differential sucked enemies soldiers. We also received an antigravity grenade to eliminate gravity at the blast site. In our arsenal are also automatic weapons, shotguns or ordinary.

The missions are, as befits a call of duty extremely spectacular. Attacks on enemy ships or ports are full of explosions and resemble a very good SF movie. In addition, the script, though not as good as Titanfall 2, is much better than Black Ops 3 – in my opinion is the best part of a series of “Modern War 1”. In some tasks we will also sit at the controls of the space fighter. The fight is simple – just hold the right mouse button to lock the target in sight, and the gun is pointed out exactly the autopilot our fighter. Then you just have to press the trigger.

As for the requirements, the new CoD is unreasonable. At 1440p resolution, 980 Ti suffices to reach more than 80 frames per second. Textures are nice and space looks like film.

To summarize – the new “Call of Duty” entered the market at a very bad time – right after the premiere of “Titanfall 2” and “Battlefield 1”. As for a player’s mode, he loses the Titanfall, which has written better campaign and in multiplayer simulator mode is worse than WWI. This does not mean that the game is bad. He will like both fans of the series, and those who, for the first time in my life will reach the “CoD”.

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