Danger on Facebook: Do not open extensions .svg

Messenger or Facebook chat built-in if recently the primary Internet communicator. Total number of messages passing through this application is probably not to be counted, and reflects only in its immense popularity. It is not difficult to imagine what would happen if the users, unknowingly, began to circulate among themselves intelligently located viruses in the news. Just something we are currently dealing with. The case is very serious because the malware hidden in the photos … if sending a chat. There have been plenty of reports on such incidents, and the consequences of the reckless opening of an “image” as can be dire consequences.

We advise you to avoid suspicious name.svg files sent in Messenger. Make sure you do not forget to tell your friends!

As for the file named name.svg. During the conversation, the Messenger may appear out of nowhere and without interference from the sender. Although at first you may think it is a photograph of a charge, in fact it is very harmful effects of the virus. After downloading and running the script will be downloaded pretending YouTube site, which in turn will require the installation of “poorer” codec. As a result, it is possible not only to infect a web browser (which will cause more virus to spread through Messenger), but even deny access to files.

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