Huawei and its S.O.S car for mobile phones

A very interesting idea Huawei for technical assistance. If the equipment has suffered a minor flaw and needs a quick fix, it is – in Warsaw – you can call a special “telephone assistance.” The service is not free, though.

Huawei has a mobile service as early as possible to remove small faulty phones or tablets. The service will not work, however, the clock (weekdays runs 15.30). When you call the assistance of a company hotline, technician and repair our equipment.

But there is a though. The service is not free, even when the equipment is under warranty. Yes, so we will not pay the materials and labor, but the call of the mobile support costs 99 dollars. This sum can scare many, and making this form of repair will benefit only those who do not have time to go to the site after work and need help urgently.

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