Kim Dotcom and his extradition

New Zealand court on Monday confirmed the extradition to the US Kim Dotcom, the founder of the Megaupload site of prohibited file sharing, and three of his former colleagues. In the United States, they are accused of Internet piracy.

Lawyers Dotcom, who is a German citizen and changed his name from Kim Schmitz, has already announced that he will remember the decision of Monday of the Supreme Court. He upheld the first instance judgment of December 2015. As the AP writes agency, following an appeal to the supreme court process could take another year or two.

Dotcom judge has held the argument that under New Zealand infringements of the law of intellectual property rules may not result in extradition. However, the classification also, that in this case there is sufficient evidence to justify the lawsuit in the United States for fraud.

It’s politics. It is a political trial – tweeted Dotcom, who is accused of fraud, money laundering, gang formation and extortion. I said that you can not do my extradition by copyright and I was right. What is it? Sharia? – Outraged.

The case began in January 2012 when New Zealand police held a spectacular strike at Dotcom mansion in Auckland. Germany then barricaded itself in the bunker.

Dotcom was the owner of a popular Megaupload website. After stopping the German portal was closed at the request of US authorities. The Americans are demanding the extradition of Dotcom, accusing him that portal, which was visited by 50 million users a day, in fact he was embarking on a pirate. In the US, he can face up to 20 years in prison.

Kim Dotcom and his three former colleagues are accused of reaping illegal profits worth 175 million US dollars from the business portal. They had put copyright owners of music or movies in losses exceeding $ 0.5 billion.

Dotcom claims he is innocent and accuses the Justice Department of the United States of trying to avenge himself on behalf of the powerful Hollywood film studios.

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