LG OLED B6 – The best in concept screens

Such a revolution waiting for all home theater fans. OLED screens are becoming cheaper and more available. How, then, presents the latest series of LG B6 TV series? We will see.

B6 project is not revolutionary – a classic flat screen TV with bracket in the middle of the bottom edge. For this fine structure and brushed aluminum. Unfortunately, LG still can not understand that people do not want wires hanging from the back of the TV and have not yet proposed a solution that will mask the wires – especially since the power cord is quite far from the HDMI ports. The pilot, in turn, is a classic “Remote Magic”, known from previous models. It works like a laser pointer, displaying bright red spot on the TV, showing it to select the function. And once a minor point – you need to watch cats, when using this remote. They react to a moving point on the screen like a laser on the floor.

The menu is easy to use and easy to guess where is an option we seek. Similarly, simple menu is SmartTV. As for voice quality, despite the announcement of any company, it is fairly average. So if B6 is to become a home entertainment center, home theater buying is considered necessary. TV handles very well with upscalingiem – SD signal from set-top box digital TV does not look so bad.

How to watch B6 movies? When you leave the movies, you get HDR feel better than in the movies. Infinite contrast and saturation of bright colors allows us to enjoy all the movies. B6 can handle both “Star Wars”, “Fellowship of the Ring” and animated films like “MegaMind”. HDR brings its natural color depth while adding better light scenes. Even if we are out of this way, the matrix OLED shows the colors black and much better than the “quantum dots” LG and other manufacturers. B6 to handle smoothly in a bright room – the filter screen is so good, that even with the sun coming from the side of the screen, there were no problems with the visibility.

Of course, softness image is flawless – both in movies and console games. There are no stretch marks, or “rwaniu” play. It’s the ideal equipment to power the console – especially since both the Xbox One S and the PS4 can now handle HDR function.

What I do not like B6? When buying a TV for more than 15 thousand. Gold can be expected to get all technologies. Unfortunately, LG decided to make the 3D function only on the more expensive models. So if we have a large collection of three-dimensional films, this is a problem – you can not because your point of view. It’s a shame that both LG and other companies have decided to kill almost 3D.

In summary – OLED arrays sounding the traditional boss UHD TVs and B6 is one of the best screens on the market. There are virtually no flaws (except for lack of 3D features), delivers superior image quality with well-saturated colors. Unfortunately, this screen is beyond the reach of the price range of most people. It is costing more than 15 thousand. gold. So you have to wait a little longer before this technology becomes cheaper enough to become accessible to a large group of people.

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