Movies on 4k not Netflix? Not even!

Unpleasant surprise for anyone who wants to watch movies available on Netflix at the highest resolution. According to the Guru3D site you will either have to upgrade your computer a lot or buy a new laptop.

Netflix movies in 4K resolution are finally available not only to the 4K TV screen owners. They can enjoy them as users of laptops or desktops. And here comes the real problem. Movies became available only because Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 operating system, a special copyright management system – PlayReady 3.0 – Service writes “Ars Technica.”

The protection system is based on hardware decoder special codec HEVC 10-bit. It can only the latest series of Intel Kaba Lake processors. The first laptops with these systems have already hit the market while desktop owners will be able to purchase these processors until the early months of 2017. But that is not the end of the bad news. PlayReady 3.0 is able to work correctly only the latest and most popular Microsoft browser – Edge.

So it might be that the cost of upgrading the equipment – replacing the laptop or motherboard with processor on the desktop and changing it to make Windows 10 cheaper and more convenient to buy a 4K TV.

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