New Apple bet on your iPad, now cheaper and more powerful.

The Apple Air is not just the 3 – iPad – so from now on called new tablet concern with apple bite logo. The company Tima Cooka, because instead introduce a completely new tablets, slightly refreshed the old models. Here is what has changed.

The upgraded iPads Prime Minister occurred without any bomb. Only a few tens of minutes, online store closed corporation, and at the time, was introduced for the provision of new devices. New iPads have the same dimensions, if the screen resolution, but have the new processor – a 64-bit A9 system, iPhone 6s known.

The company also lowered the price of tablets. The basic version of the iPad with 32 GB of memory and without the LTE module costs $ 1,799. Version supports the SIM card will be 700 gold more expensive. The new tablet will be available March 24th.

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