It’s no longer fiction, Artificial Intelligence closer than ever

Creating a liability system for damages caused by crime, and artificial intelligence is necessary. Because what seemed like science fiction yesterday is a reality today.

“Hey, how was your day?” “I see you have a bad mood.” “I’m sorry, I’ll call you when you want to talk.” Scarlett Johansson charming voice, a huge amount of understanding. And the liabilities of zero.

These are the realities in the movie “Her” (“She”). Your hero buys an artificial intelligence system. And it turns out that this brilliant decision. Over time, he falls in love – and I reciprocate.

Spike Jonze 2013. It has less and less to do with science fiction, and more with reality. Proof? In December last year, the Japanese company introduced GateClock Vinclu – a virtual life kompanki female life. He calls his owner to speak, send nice SMS at work, and at the end of the day fondly says, “Nasai Oyasumi” (jap. Good evening). This product is intended for single men who work hard and are too shy to establish relations with the Real – flesh and blood, not lines of code – a woman.

Clear prepared by Japanese artificial intelligence is much less perfect than the well-known “Her”. But experts say fully-satisfactory software will be achieved within a decade, a maximum of 15 years.

Few real? It is worth remembering the cinematic visions of creating autonomous cars. Even in the 1980s, they said: “impossible,” “fantasy.” Now we do not ask about whether the auto-commuting vehicles will be chased down the streets, but when they become devices in the middle man’s pocket.

Robots – whether we like it or not – is an integral part of the development of civilization. And almost all scientists agree that, what today requires 10 years, 20 years is being done at a time. Thanks to the development of robotics we can, for example, eliminate the problem of care for the elderly. Oh, they will deal with machines created in the image of man … But wait. Stop it. This is not true. There will be no robots in the likeness of man. We will not pass on a crowd of attractive women, wondering if their appearance is the innate charm and grace acquired or a new type of artificial skin and the company’s designer talent androids production.

“A robot can not look like a man.” Its creator should ensure that at first glance it was clear that the device is the man that the programmed. Zero feelings. And only until the product – he tells us Mady Delvaux, Luxembourg MEP, author of the report, which is to be the basis for the work of EU policy makers on the creation of a comprehensive robotic law. “You have to focus primarily on the consequences of development by creating a system of liability for offenses caused by artificial intelligence,” says Delvaux.

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