Nougat is the name of Android 7.0

Android since its launch in 2008, had to settle for firmness in the market. Eight years ago, the system underwent a gigantic metamorphosis. Does anyone still remember those beautiful days? Separate buttons for menu, search, Google application ONLY search, full access to SD card, a ton of malware, overclocking processors … List of minor and major changes that over the years have occurred in the system is, Naturally, much longer. There are also things that over the years remain the same. These include, among others, two elements characteristic of folklore androidowego – bugdroid mascot and nicknames for each new version of the sweet names of inspiration. Disclosure of the latter always arouses considerable interest. In addition to the mere curiosity, because this also means approaching the launch of a new version of the system.

Google has announced that the new version will be called the nickname “Nougat”.

Android 7.0 until recently was known simply as “N”. This changed on June 30 when Google officially announced that the new version will be called the nickname “Nougat”. Disclosure of names accompanied the inauguration of Google’s campus in Mountain View, figures representing mascot of Android 7.0. It is simply standing on some chocolate bars nugatowych bugdroid. I must admit that the person responsible for designing the new mascot did not spend much time. It is worth remembering that during Google I / O 2016 announced that anyone willing will be able to make a proposal for the name of the latest version of Android. A bit hard to believe that the surfers creativity not so bad that turned out to be the best idea, “Nougat”. It seems that the whole game from the beginning was not taken seriously by Google. It is a pity. At this point, it should be remembered that the news brings Nougat Android.

A little of that is. In addition to standard security and performance improvements, there will be a number of new features. One is long-expected support for multiple windows. The first mention of its introduction appeared on the occasion of the launch of Android 4.4 in 2013, so its implementation took developers from Google suddenly three years. Better late than never. Reconstruction will also notify area. Over the same alerts users also gain much greater control than ever before – it will become more interactive, and for each individual will be able to define if and when to be displayed. Nougat will also introduce support for Vulkan APIs, so that mobile gaming has a chance even closer to consoles and PCs. At least when it comes to graphics. Several smaller and larger news will of course much more.

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