Nvidia DGX Saturnv – Powerful and power efficient supercomputer.

For many of us “powerful computer” means a unit equipped with Intel Core i7 processor with overclocking and powerful graphics card. These equipments, however, went by yourself with a weaker device category eligible for supercomputers. These powerful machines can boast a performance almost unimaginable to the ordinary mortal. Now, however, an NVIDIA has decided that this type of device may not be efficient, but it also does not have a gigantic need for an energy. All thanks to the NVIDIA DGX SaturnV supercomputer. It ranks 28th on the list of the world’s 500 most powerful computers, while at the same time offering greater energy efficiency among them.

NVIDIA DGX SaturnV can boast the energy efficiency of nearly half more than the current leader in this field.

The new NVIDIA 124 computer drive is equipped with NVIDIA DGX-1, each of which is equipped with 8 NVIDIA Tesla P100 chips and NVLink technology. Just such a module to achieve performance comparable to 250 servers based on x86 architecture, so it is easy to imagine how a gigantic computational power provided. However, contrary to appearances, it is not will be the main asset of the new supercomputer Greens. This is its energy efficiency, which achieves a performance of 6.67 gigaflop 1 W. This result is better than any other computer of the 500 most powerful individuals. Progress here is really impressive because the former leader could boast the result of almost half worse.

NVIDIA DGX SaturnV was built for internal manufacturer uses. The goal is to help in the development of the smart car platform NVIDIA PX 2 unit. Contrary to appearances, however, the appearance of such devices can also have positive consequences for ordinary users. The solutions that have helped achieve such high efficiency sooner or later will have the chance of consumer products. Since the Greens since boards based on Maxwell’s architecture are trying to make their low-power design one of the main strengths, it seems to be more than right. Of course, before it can take several generations more, but it is undoubtedly a step forward, which must wait.

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