PCI Express 4.0 with expansion cards

Surely you remember a few days ago, reported in a new standard, which will come as early as next year – scheduled PCI-Express 4.0. So far, the only confirmed information we have received on this subject will refer to the capacity of the new terminal, which is to be still twice as large as that currently used PCI-Express 3.0. Most, however, mention the emotions aroused on how the connector will be able to provide power to the connected card. It is worth remembering what was said of the relatively large values, reaching over 300W – so basically enough, enough for computer power efficient desktop, right? But everything indicates that the spec will be here in the old way and the new connector does not see its spectacular changes in terms of power. Actually, it’s pretty good news.

Although it seems that PCI-Express 4.0 will revolutionize the issue a little power, everything is quite old and the new terminal will provide 75W to the expansion card. All in all, maybe it’s better…

Information on increased capacity provided by the new terminal expansion cards comes from the editors of Tom Hardware, but today was correcting these revelations. PCI-GIS Group very quickly explained the situation carefully explaining that the information had to be misinterpreted by the service personnel. However, it is important to note that the value of 300W did not appear by chance – just enough to be taken into account in the certification process, but in the end the same slot should not sail more than 75W. Therefore, in this regard, the situation will be similar in the case of PCI Express 3.0. Below you will find the content of the message:

Of course, the exact specification of power (and other aspects) PCI-Express 4.0 is still unknown, but the above information means that we must abandon the vision of high-performance graphics cards do not need additional power plugs. In fact, it’s pretty good news – if the connector on the motherboard actually has to deliver more than 300W, it’s easy to imagine that the consequences can affect the price of failure and motherboards. Recall that the new PCI-Express 4.0 will be released next year, but the consumer will support joint structures probably a little later.

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