Roccat Skeltr – Keyboard with mobile connection.

Roccat proving that despite the growing popularity of mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards in the front of life still. Here Skeltr, which is a model that can get along with the phone player.

Roccat Skeltr is the latest proposal of the German company for players who play a lot and talk on the phone. Unlike traditional keyboards can be connected to the smartphone. So when someone calls, we can with a single button cause the conversation to use computer headphones – so you do not have to interrupt the game or work to keep the phone in your hand. Thanks to special software on the phone screen you can display the most important parameters of our computer – the fan speed, CPU temperature, or information about the video card.

The design of the keyboard itself is not revolutionary – at the top we have a special recess for fixing the phone. We also have 5 buttons for memorizing macros. There are no separate media control buttons – pause or movie playback is triggered by pressing the function key and a special Roccat logo key.

At the top we also have buttons available that allow you to answer a phone call or use the keyboard to write an SMS. We also have a USB port for connecting the phone and a microphone and headphone jack – then connect the appropriate wires from the keyboard to your computer’s sound card. As for the backlight, we can choose any color – however, you can not set the backlight under each key.

How to write on Skelter? This is the best keyboard I’ve used – despite the lack of mechanical switches is quite fast and precise. The keys have a comfortable jump and are suitable for both games and typing. The wrist pad is well formed.

The keypad is one of the main disadvantages – for a bluetooth diaphragm, it costs dearly – its price is more than 700 gold, that is how much you have to pay for the best of this type of periphery for players with mechanical switches. Therefore, it is important to consider carefully about its purchase. If you only need a device for writing and playing and additional features are not needed, then they are cheaper and equally comfortable keyboard. If you find that without connecting your phone to the keyboard you will not be able to operate on your computer and you will actually use all the features of the Skelter, it will serve you very well.

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