Samsung faces new problems, now with its washing machine.

This is not a good year for Samsung. First, the Korean company had to withdraw from the market all copies of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, now have problems with appliances. The company removes 2.8 million top-loading washing machines from the US, which can break out of the drum.

Samsung removes US bouquet from the guest washing machine customers, loaded from the top, manufactured from 2011, which are available only in the United States. According to NBC, ill-equipped to drum them – he could tear off while washing and jumping out of the washing machine, exposing people to injuries. Samsung offers customers repair kit, a discount on a new washing machine, or a full refund of the purchase. While the appliance is not being repaired or replaced, the company is not advised to wash at full speed.

This is another Samsung problem this year. Previously, the company had to remove from the market all copies of the smartphone Note 7, which left some copies on fire.

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