Samsung stopped production of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has serious problems with its Note 7. Report on new cases of burning of smartphones, even those that have already been listed on the battery. As a result, the main operators withdraw from the sale of Note 7.

In a statement published on Tuesday, Samsung said it made the final decision to stop the production of the phone due to concerns over the safety of customers. The decision was announced less than two months after the device was launched. In early September, Samsung announced a service campaign on 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. This was in connection with emerging information on cases of severe device overheating, which could lead to inflammation.

The decision to suspend all production came after recent reports of inflammation of the phones, which are listed as part of the company. Previously, the company turned to the telecommunications networks and distribution to suspend sales of Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean company also ensured to act in cooperation with state authorities in order to clarify the causes of these accidents. At the same time, they were urged to turn off the Galaxy Note 7, and not use them on airplanes.

Analysts estimate that the withdrawal of smartphones shelves may still cost Samsung, $ 17 billion. At the same time Galaxy Note 7 problems can have a negative impact on the company image. During Tuesday’s trading on the stock exchange in Seoul, shares of the South Korean company fell 8 percent. – What is the worst daily percentage score since 2008. Meanwhile, London Stock’s Samsung shares fell more than 9 percent.

Debuting in August Galaxy Note 7 was designed to compete for global market dominance with Apple’s latest smartphone. The device was received with positive reviews, and pre-orders exceeded the company’s production capacity. However, a few days after the launch began to appear about the first problems with the device.

So far, Samsung has not specified what is the cause of the inflammation and excessive heat in the mobile service during the listed action. According to experts, there may be some reasons for this again a problem with the batteries

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