Space Hulk: Deathwing – The Newest Game

Space Marines of the first companies of the Dark Order of Angels set out to fight in the game “Space Hulk: Deathwing” monsters with which is measured the other computer games of the world 4000 – Bad plot, weak opponents and boring game. Unfortunately, this time he won monsters.

Fans of 4000 battle miniatures game have no luck with the games. In addition to strategy series Dawn of War, tries to transfer the rest of the games into computers ended in failure. Now the developers of the game are entering the studio Streum it with their tactical shooter “Space Hulk: Deathwing.” The story of the game begins when the cosmic spinning wrecks of ships entering the first apprentices of the company of the Order of the Dark Angels. Your objective? Exterminate foreigners and recover old artifacts.

The beginning looks very promising – marching along with a detachment of the Gothic interior of the ship, listening only from a distance, like a sneaky ventilation tunnels, setting up an ambush. The textures are of a very good quality, and interior lit only by candles or old building climate lamps. But then the monsters attacking us and waiting for us … first disappointment. WH40K otherwise, are dull as dirt, and their abilities – compared to the game of miniatures – have been severely weakened. For this, the only form of attack is to run and jump – do not try to hide, avoid the fire of our apprentices, or attack from several sides at once. Each group is attacking the same schedule. So, just press the left mouse button and another magazine fell to the enemies. Unfortunately, the construction does not help the horror atmosphere of endless amount of ammunition. There is no desperate rushing toward the nearest arsenal to resupply missiles and fight for every inch of the ship’s deck.

For this branch of our companions are as dumb as monsters – in fact, only two orders, they spend “heal me” and “follow me” – all other orders end badly. Not to mention the fact that the broadcast commands, using the command circle, mouse controlled is terribly uncomfortable. Yes, you can assign commands to keyboard keys, but over the allotted time to reset buttons.

The biggest problem, however, the game is a terrible maps of the system. Yes, they are great, but the main tasks include only a fragment of it. The game gives us no incentive to explore the rest of the wreckage. Yes, we can find artifacts, but they do not affect the ability of our Marines, so there is no point in looking at them. All the couple of developers was so mention the fact that the tasks are primitively simple go from point A to B, closing the door behind him to close the meals, then press the switch socket or burn monsters. After a sensational 2 Titanfall do not expect that at the end of 2016 FPS games.

Well mapped to weapons and way to move the Marines, which targets a “tactical armor Dreadnought”, popularly called. They go armor – no way to climb stairs or jump through the holes. Here we are walking tank, armed with heavy weapons like plasma cannons, clubs, flamethrowers or Gatling assault weapon. For this, as our hero is a chronicler of the law, he can use psionic powers. Whole few that time to load and inflict minimal damage. So there is only one supplement to the main weapons, and not – as in the game of miniatures – the main skills of the characters.

As far as hardware requirements are concerned – in 1440p and ultra configurations, Ti 980 is sufficient to maintain 60 frames per second. Only in the last moments of each mission, when there is a wild attack in our positions and appears on the screen simultaneously dozens of monsters, the game slows down to 40 FPS.

Resuming. “Space Hulk: Deathwing” proved to be another unsuccessful game with the WH40K universe. For errors, fake artificial intelligence opponents and Marines of the branch, low levels of design, you can not admit this game more than 4/10. Dark Angels fans can throw themselves a point for evaluation. With the purchase of this game wait until it is promotion for a few euros and only when most of the errors will be fixed.

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